Steps to form cotton mattresses

With the development of automation technology, Bich Hue enterprise has applied sensitivity to cotton fiber mattress production process. Bich Hue company has used technology 4.0 for the production of fiber mattress. Cotton and industrial quality, high quality.

The products of cotton padding of Bich Hue Private Enterprise was born on the advanced production process, modern machinery technology combined with experts, technicians and workers with high skills.

From the bales, the necessary additives, experts, technicians scaled, mixed materials according to certain standards.Then the materials are put into the mixer 1 times, then through times 2 and 3 to mix the materials.

Then the product will be put through cotton rolling machine, spread spread, run through the incinerator, run into the indoor unit.

With advanced workmanship and techniques, experts are able to accurately adjust the temperature and time to make the perfect semi-finished cotton sheets.

These sheets are transferred to the cutter, cut into the gut with a thickness of 5cm, 7cm, 9cm, … in different sizes according to customer requirements. These cushions are transferred through cassette stitching, nylon, stamps professionally.

These cushioned cotton gut is moved to the casing. With materials such as brocade fabric, brocade fabric … to create rich colors for cotton mattress product. The product is checked and sent to the customer the fastest.