How to preserve blankets, sheets, pillow?

FRIday - 30/10/2015 03:18

How to preserve blankets, sheets, pillow How to preserve blankets, sheets, pillow

  • When washing blankets

- Before cleaning, sorting the fabrics under light or dark. Avoid washing with large volumes of gas to be cleaned blanket closer.
- Type of cotton, cotton blends or Leopard should wash with warm water, do not use detergents and rinse with cold water.
- To water in the washing machine is full before washing powder in. Use half the recommended capacity. This will help clean gas without affecting the fabric.
- Actively take place immediately after the cleaning station to avoid each station.
- Wash pillowcases regularly recurring. Blankets and pillows so charming, slightly beating every day to avoid dust and make pillows, sheets retain its softness, lightness.
- Should water than dry cleaning. Wet cleaning allows blankets, sheets, pillows back to state, soft and fresh after washing.
- Note the dirty laundry of different fabric in different blocks -You little private room, private washing dirty lot.

  • Iron the bed sheets

- Iron when the bed sheets was moisture.
- Always iron on the left in order to avoid affecting the embroidery, weaving on the upper surface.
- Always attent to the Stamp directive that comes with terminal board has to have the best adjustment.
- Don't iron cotton.


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