Way to choose cushions for the elderly

FRIday - 30/10/2015 03:13

Way to choose cushions for the elderly Way to choose cushions for the elderly

  • The elderly are prone to spinal disease of many causes. Which sleeping posture and sleeping space is also an important factor that causes the spine in the elderly. Here are some suggestions for choosing cushion for the elderly:

- We should choose to stuff cushions with flat lying, not flatten by body weight. If we use the buffer has a sunken lie would be very harmful for the spine, especially the elderly.

- You can buy a mattress for specific presses. This type of cushion designed for the elderly, so the buffer does not sink when lying, lying upright tools help reduce the risk of spinal disease.

  • Here are some uses of pressed cotton mattress:

- Technology Korea focused on health factors users. Aseptic buffering, good ventilation, rapid transient moisture, washable. Padding with high flatness should use to ensure good blood circulation, causing no fatigue after sleep, can fold back used as sofa, light, easy to move.

- Scientifically proven that infrared is useful for blood circulation and keeps the body warm, it is easily absorbed by water, 70% of the human body is water, so the energy emitted by infrared are the body absorbs very quickly. Ceramic fiber (ceramic fiber) capable of emitting infrared huge buffer was put into production very beneficial to users when lying on it.

Ceramic fiber layer is very reliable after many washings by links in the form of high-molecular compounds and are considered high-quality materials are the most advanced countries in the world use, especially in the manufacturing sector Truthfulness Sheets - Pillows - Mattresses

Cushion with high flatness when used, without back pain, good ventilation



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