Mattress user manual

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Mattress user manual Mattress user manual

Read the ingredient, label and manual right after purchasing the product.

* Should:

- Read the ingredient label and manual right after purchasing the product

- Case cushion washable, no more than 3 times / month. (Can be washed by hand or by machine depending on cushion cover material)

- Should be shut off zipper zips before washing cushion cover.

- In case the buffer is wet intestine, bowel buffer should set upright and dry ventilated area.

- Mats should be placed on a flat surface.

* Should not:

- Do not bend or fold the intestinal buffer

- Do not place the iron or the heating device to the surface cushion.

- Keep away from flammable and explosive chemicals.

- Do not place in locations subject to buffers wet.

- Avoid direct exposure to the buffer under the sun.

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