User manual 100% cotton pillow – blankets

User manual 100% cotton pillow – blankets

To the fresh and long lasting, you should note the following

1. Should

  • Should read the Owner’s Manual
  • Wash before use (by hand or by machine)
  • Before cleaning up, close all zippers
  • Select the washing machine when washing lightly.
  • Wash in cold or warm water up to 30 ° C with the same color.
  • Should exposure to fresh air.

2. Do not

  • Do not dry the product.
  • Avoid direct exposure to products and long under intense sunshine as midday, because Vietnam is in the tropics so very strong sunshine.
  • Avoid chemicals with harsh detergents direct contact with the product.
  • Do not smoke in bed, or exposure to the product placed in the vicinity of a fire.
  • Do not use irons on products Quilting.

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